Welcome to Fairyland

I recently went on a photo expedition to Olympic National Park in Forks, WA.  One of my favorite experiences was my visit to the Hoh Rain Forrest.  Now I had never been to a rain forrest before, and it was indeed a magical experience for me.  In case you are wondering, the only rain I experienced during the trip was — wait for it — in the rain forrest. 

This particular rain forest receives between 140 and 170 inches of rain each year and it is the most carefully preserved rain forest in the northern hemisphere.  Some of the trees here are believed to be over 1,000 years old.  The Hoh Rain Forest is recognized as both a World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

I truly enjoyed my time in the forrest, so much so that one of my companions had to come look for me when it was time to go (I wasn’t the only one MIA).  I had lost all track of time, just as I believe Mother Nature did in this place.  One of my favorite images from the day was of the spectacular tree below which I believe was a bigleaf maple.  As is common in the area, this tree was heavily draped in moss, and it had this other worldly glow from the morning sun.  When I shot this image it was as if there was a tiny path to the right where Tinker Bell and the other Disney fairies could come and go — hence the title Welcome to Fairyland.  It was definitely a magical place deserving of the name.

I will be posting additional photos from my Olympic experience in the near future.  For now, you may also enjoy Sunrise Above the Clouds.